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22 Dec What To Do To Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

If you have scheduled a boudoir photo shoot, then there are a few things that you need to do to prepare for the photography session. Preparing in advance will help you to feel more comfortable during the photo session, because you will arrive prepared with everything that you need.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your boudoir photography session. You should also have a conversation with the photographer in advance, to see if there is anything else that you need to consider before the photo shoot:

  • Hair Removal: Smooth, silky skin is a beautiful feature in a boudoir photo, and it can be very distracting to have hair in certain areas. Make sure to shave your legs, armpits, and bikini line, to avoid any wandering hairs that might show up in the photos. If you prefer to wax instead of shave, it is best to have the waxing completed a few days before the photo session, in order to avoid red, irritated skin during the photo shoot.
  • Tanning: Depending on the color of your skin, you might consider tanning in order to improve the skin tone. Be very cautious with tanning, because you need to make sure that it looks natural. For example, if you have creamy white skin, it will look unnatural to have an orange hue from a self-tanner. So, embrace the beauty of your milky skin, and trust the photographer to use the right lighting to compliment your complexion. If you choose to sunbathe, try to avoid tan lines or sunburns right before the photo session.
  • Shopping: You want to bring the right clothing and accessories to your boudoir photography session, which means that you will likely need to spend some time shopping for the right lingerie. Bring several changes of clothing, so that you have multiple options to choose from during the photo session. You can also look for props or other accessories that you would like to use in your boudoir photo shoot.
  • Hair Styling: Don’t forget to have your hair colored and cut before your boudoir photography session. There is nothing worse than looking back on your photos, only to notice the bad roots sticking out in your hair. So, schedule an appointment with your hair stylist to be sure that your hair color is perfect and you have a fresh hair cut. Also, talk with the photographer to see if hair styling is included with the photo shoot, or if you will need to have your hair done right before you arrive to the photo session.
  • Makeup Application: Makeup can be a great way to add to the style and tone of the photos. Instead of using a basic makeup application, you might consider using dramatic colors to enhance the features of your face. If you don’t have much experience with makeup application, then it is best to work with a professional who can help you to look as good as possible.

Do you have any other questions about a boudoir photo shoot? Contact us to ask your questions and schedule an appointment with an experienced boudoir photographer.

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